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Wies Offsite

Honor the Past.
Change with the Times.


It came down to how can we continue to make a positive impact for our clients. After identifying the lack of efficiencies, the answer became clear. Collaborate through the entire process from design to build for a streamlined project.
  • BIM Design

    Design drawings, engineered shop drawings, modeling to stud level, stud or panel location labeling

  • Material Kitting

    Bundling a wall into precut pieces with assembly directions

  • Prefabricated Interior Panels

    Bathroom pods, med gas walls, interior partitions

  • Load Bearing Panelization

    Build an entire building utilizing cold formed steel stud panels

  • Truss and Floor Systems

    As a Mitek® Ultraspan® fabricator, we can make even the most complex systems efficient

  • Dryvit® Panel Systems

    Being a Dryvit® panel fabricator, we can combine load bearing panel with floor and truss systems to deliver a building ready for roofing, exterior doors and windows.


To begin, we take a look at the Architect CAD file. Then our design team will review that file in Revit and the BIM coordination process starts. We will design down to each stud and once those drawings are approved, production begins. (Engineer of record can stamp if needed) After forming each stud in specific order, they are either assembled or put together in a kit. It is entirely up to the client and project as to what would be more efficient for the project.
1. Architect CAD File
2. Revit Design
3. BIM Coordination
4. Detailer
5. Design Drawings
6. Stamped If Needed


Dan Wies is the founder of Wies Offsite. With being third generation in the construction industry, his desire was to start a company with 3 specific goals in mind.

  1. Make job sites safer
  2. Become more efficient for our clients
  3. Reduce time on the job site
Dan Wies

Dan Wies

President & Founder

Addie Bunting

Addie Bunting

VP of Strategic Operations

Dan Borgmann

Dan Borgmann

Director of Construction

Josh Gegg

Josh Gegg

General Manager

Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer

Project Manager/Estimator

Norm Thrall

Norm Thrall

Project Manager / Estimator

Adam Koch

Adam Koch

Shop Manager


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